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Simulator League

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Simulator League.

With our two new simulators we are setting up a golf league.  The league will run for 12 weeks starting the first week of January. League play will be 2 person teams.  There will be a different 9 hole format each week.  If you are participating in the league you need to have your team play your league round before Friday of the week.  The golf shop will select the course, round format and course/simulator settings for each week.  Prizes will be given out weekly.  You and your partner will have the flexibility to play your league round anytime Monday thru Thursday.  9 hole rounds need to be played in 2 hours or you may have to rent additional simulator time to finish your round.

League Cost

The league cost is $335 per player.

Needs to be paid in full before the first week of the league.

Cost covers your 12 weeks of simulator time plus prizes.

If you pay before January 1st the price is $300.

If you want to start your own league contact the pro shop to discuss discounted league rates.