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Golf Instruction

bob beach golf instructionBraintree is equipped with a driving range sized instruction only area with lessons by Craig Coombes and Pam Kiley.  What better way to take your game to the next level this year.  Our lessons are very flexible and can be tailored to your individual needs. 


Private & Semi Private

Pam Kiley

Golf Professional


Adult Lesson:                Private                 $50             (45 minutes)

Adult Lesson:                Semi Private        $35 each     (45 minutes)


Junior Lesson:              Private                  $35              (45 minutes)

Junior Lesson:              Semi Private        $25 each     (45 minutes)


Private & Semi Private Lessons can be scheduled:


Monday – Thursday              8am – 2:30pm     (May & June)

Fridays                                    9am – 6pm          (April – September)

Saturday                                 1pm - 6pm          (April – September)

Sunday                                   9am – 6pm          (April – September)



To schedule a lesson please contact Pam

Email (preferable):       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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